I'm currently selling one copy of each of these books on eBay for the lowest price out there! The Small Stash Sewing book is brand new, and Seams to Me is like new.

Check out the listings here:
Small Stash Sewing

Seams to Me
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Photo found here

Clockwise from top left:Vintage Fan; Leaf Pillow; Laerke Duvet; Tray & Tumblers; Artisan Series Mixer; Halcyon Halo Necklace; Martha Stewart Storage Container Set

This range of blues can be spotted everywhere right now and without fail, every time I see it, it's like the first time. I want it. Right now it's fresh and summery, but it's a color that makes a statement year-round. It's easy enough to inject a shot of color with a throw pillow or a few glasses. If you're a bit more committed to the shade, roll it on a couple of walls like in the photo above.
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I created this tin, inspired by a traditional paisley design, but chose to keep the colors very simple. Click the link above to rate my tin!
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If you use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, Hawksmont Universe is an invaluable resource. The website provides you with hundreds of credit-free brushes that are free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Other freebies include high-res photos, tutorials, wallpapers, and more. To learn more about adding brushes to Photoshop click here.
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I've quite enjoyed watching the videos of Lisa Hannigan. She's a very talented singer and songwriter, and her videos are also visually interesting. The video for Lille is particually engaging as it consists of a few pop-up books to tell the story of the song.

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This weather is junk! I'm sure rain has a purpose in the grand scheme of things, but I could live without it. These gray clouds have made me less than enthusiastic about doing more than watch movies in my pj's. I haven't even been keeping up with all my favorite blogs! Needless to say, my sewing machine has seen no action lately. I have very little motivation to be creative, but that could be a side effect of all the shopping I did when I was state-side.

These photos above are from a much sunnier day a few weeks ago at Lake Barcis, Italy. They cheer me up, and hopefully it will do they same for you (if you are in need of cheering up!)
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This is my 100th post!

Even though the weather has been mostly warm, the weather this weekend has kept us indoors. Right now I really wish I had a nice throw blanket to put on my lap, and I don't. I had to throw out the last two I had because they were ruined by a certain mischievous animal in my home. During my search online for a plaid wool blanket, I came across a store called "Made in Oregon". They carry a nice selection of items presumably made in Oregon, that range from jams to jewelry. Staying in the strain of warm blankets, I'd like to share some images of Pendleton blankets that are available from the store's website.

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I have returned from vacation, and though I'm glad to be at home, I already miss my family in Pennsylvania. During my visit my dad declared and proved his decor's new look as "rustic modern". He's got the furniture for it, and is trying to attract birds in the back yard to achieve a more rustic lifestyle. I hope he gets the birds he's looking for. In the meantime I'd like to share a few beautiful carved birds found in Sandra Healy's Etsy store. She carves more than just birds, see a variety of mammals here.

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I'm all packed up for a much needed visit with my family. I will not be taking my laptop along, but that doesn't mean I will be completely neglecting the blog. I expect to be gone 2 weeks, and I'll miss you!
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Though the current issue will be the last in print, the future of Craft Magazine is not totally bleak. The website promises to be bigger and better than ever. What is fabulous about the magazine, is that is available to read online, for FREE! This particular issue is jam-packed with great ideas, tutorials, and resources. I have been making my way through the archives, and I think this must be the best issue thus far. Some items of interest are pictured above. This is really just a sampling of all the goodness.

Clockwise: Favorite Trinkets and Treasures, Fruit sushi, Silly Snake, and Step Patterns
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I like to browse through Meet Me at Mikes for the variety of posts. Food, crafts, writing, and also music. I like the idea of picking a day to share some music I like, just the way Pip does. So, I will try to do it as properly as possible, as not to upset those copyright-infringement folks.

Here goes-

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My dear friend Sara had a birthday today, and we celebrated on Sunday with a delicious, traditional Italian meal. I decided to gift her a tote bag, as she had me make one for her sister's birthday, and had mentioned wanting to order one for herself.

The bag is made from quilting weight cotton, inside and out, and is lined with a fusible interfacing. Overall, there are three large pockets and pencil slot. I made a coordinating key wristlet and I plan to make a box bag to put inside once my zippers arrive in the mail. I am happy with the results, but after completing it I found a few things I would changed if I could have, but every project is a learning experience.
Key Wristlet for Sara Gift for Sara Close-up
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For anybody out there with a little girl to sew for, I think you will enjoy this tutorial from Just Tutes. I really appreciate the simplicity of this dress, while still maintaining it's girliness. It's refreshing to see something for warmer weather, as I'm getting tired of the cold, and sweaters, and all things related to winter! Check out the tutorial here, and to see what others have made using tutorials from Just Tutes, check out the Flickr group.
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If you have time to check out another blog, or are hungry for some quilty inspiration, I suggest you take a gander at Oh, Fransson! Elizabeth Hartman is from outside of Portland, Oregon, and named her cats after the characters George-Michael and Maeby of Arrested Development! It looks to me that she has finished nearly a hundred quilts (if not more; I wasn't counting), all of them stunning and refreshingly modern.

She has an Etsy Shop of the same name, that carries patterns for a few quilts that are featured on her blog, and others including a 15-page tutorial for a reusable grocery bag.

Just today she posted a very educational tour through the materials and tools she uses for making her quilts. I'm finding it helpful, as I'm about to be quilting a bedspread for my bed. Whatever it is you are looking for, a visit to Oh, Fransson! will be worth it.
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This image caught my eye on Design*Sponge, and I couldn't help but click on some links! This photo was taken by Alissa Hunsaker, whose website showcases her natural talent. To see more of her photos click here.
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